Steam cleaning

The steam cleaning method involves hot water being fed to a spray-extraction tool or wand, coupled to a pump-vacuum power unit. The cleaning solution is injected under pressure into the carpet through water-jet nozzles. This water gets into the fibers all the way down to the primary backing. This process loosens embedded soils, removes oil and grease deposits, re-emulsifies detergent residue; all of which is immediately extracted by powerful vacuum systems.

There are many types of steam cleaning carpet cleaner on the market ranging from small portables up to the extremely powerful and effective truck-mounted units. The principle is similar whether using a portable or truck mounted unit. Hot water or solution is injected into the carpet using high pressure and is extracted almost instantly. Removing soils, residues as well as spots and some stains.

The truck mounted units are made, so only the hose and wand are taken into the building cleaned. These incredibly powerful steam cleaning units; delivering hot water and generating a high vacuum recovery, are powered by diesel fuel, gas, propane or by the truck’s motor.

Majority of fibers producers, carpet manufacturers and professional cleaners endorse this process for achieving efficient soil removal. With the present state-of-the-art equipment we are proficient at high production with less residue. As long as the proper chemicals are used and the operators are adequately trained.

Two methods when steam carpet cleaning:

1)This first, involves a traffic lane cleaner sprayed onto the traffic lanes and agitated into the fibers. The area is then cleaned by hot water extraction. This has a cleaning solution injected into the fibers through the wand. This method isn’t going to rinse the fiber. This way leaves more cleaning solutions residue behind.

2)The second method involves a free rinse along with emulsifying pre-spray; sprayed over the entire carpet. This is then agitated into the fibers. The area’s are extracted with a specially formulated rinsing agent; injected into the fibers through the wand. Likewise, this method works more effectively at achieving a cleaner fiber.

Note: The residue cleaning solution can also cause hoses and jets in becoming clogged. As well as damaging the water pumps if not flushed out with clear water following every use.

The rinsing capacity enhances by:

  • Neutralize any alkalinity contained in the pre-spray
  • Lock migrant dyes back into the fibers
  • Ceases soils from redepositing back onto the fibers.

When rinsing carpet fibers with plain water; the calcium/magnesium particles (contained in the water) cause the detergent molecules to drop the soils emulsified. These detergent molecules then begin emulsifying the calcium/magnesium particles. The soils redeposit back into the carpet fiber, thus bringing about resoiling.

Tip: When the rinsing agents (utilize the extraction rinse to prevent resoiling) are used; the chelating and sequestering agents hide the calcium/magnesium particles from the detergent molecules. The detergent molecules carry on holding onto the soils they have emulsified. This allows them to more thoroughly rinse from the carpet fiber.

Steam Cleaning Procedure

  • Get ready the equipment and supplies. In a pump or power sprayer mix free rinsing emulsifying pre-spray (comply with manufacturer’s recommended dilutions). Mix the rinsing agent (follow manufacturer’s advised dilutions) in the solution tank of the extractor.
  • In case the area has furniture, remove as much as possible.
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpet.
  • Pre-spray an ample amount of the emulsifying pre-spray
  • With the use of a grooming tool, agitate the pre-spray into the fibers and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. (Make certain that it does not dry out.)
  • Extract area with a portable, truck mounted extractor or an automatic carpet machine.
  • Repeat steps 5 to 7 until the entire area is completed.
  • Groom cleaned area.
  • Replace any furniture taken out (place protective shields under any legs that may cause rust).
  • Finally, thoroughly clean up all equipment.

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